[whatwg] OGG in HTML5

SA Alfonso Baqueiro abaqueiro at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 12:21:19 PST 2007

2007/12/11, alex <mail at nabu.be>:
> I am a webdeveloper and a fierce supporter of opensource. I was under
> the impression the standards were being designed in the same opensource
> spirit, but I may have been wrong. Setting OGG as the de facto standard
> is the best idea i've heard in a long time, and now it's all coming down
> because a few companies (some of which are known for their vendor
> lock-in tactics) want to keep their empire.
> I am not saying that ogg should be enforced onto anyone, if nokia wishes
> to keep using a different format, no problem, but by making it a
> standard, we at least know that ogg will be supported by all
> (standards-compatible) browsers, and as such it can be deployed by those
> who are opposed to vendor lock-in or monopoly positions.

well, I think that ENFORCING is the way the real life works, is the case of
windows, it is used because the hardware vendors enforce us to use it
installing it by default, is the case of the mp3, is the case of any file
format, is the case of swf, and is the case of wma, people use all that crap
because they are enforced, I think is very positive that when we create
something, if it is pretty useful we have the power to enforce is use, for
the good, and is ok, HTML5 should enforce OGG as a supported format, IT IS
GOOD FOR EVERYONE, only look at what happened with the PNG, is now wide
accepted over GIF.

OGG is the choice of freedom, enabling that freedom for all
> webdevelopers is a must in my opinion, although in the same spirit, it
> can not be enforced upon anyone, therefor the original text stating it
> "should" instead of it "must" is probably the best way to go.
> Freedom for those who choose, the alternative for the rest.
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