[whatwg] persistent storage changes

Shannon shannon at arc.net.au
Tue Dec 11 18:32:50 PST 2007

For what it's worth the changes to persistent storage have my vote. As a 
web author and user it strikes the right balance between functionality 
and privacy. Just one thing though, since this storage could also be 
used for 'offline applications' should some mention be made regarding 
access from a page hosted at or via the file: protocol? Also I 
was curious about what Firefox was putting in mine but it looks like I 
need a 3rd-party sqlite app to do it. Should the spec recommend 
user-agents provide a direct method of access (even though some data may 
be base64 or obsfucated)?

shannon at arc.net.au

Ian Hickson wrote:
> I just checked in a change to make globalStorage far simpler -- I dropped 
> all the domain manipulation stuff, and made it same-origin instead. I also 
> dropped StorageItem and just made the Storage stuff return strings.

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