[whatwg] HTML 5, OGG, competition, civil rights, and persons with disabilities

Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) rudd-o at rudd-o.com
Tue Dec 11 21:18:00 PST 2007

I agree with you, James.  At this point, the specification does in no way tilt 
the balance toward proprietary technology, and that's commendable.  It's just 
that some people feel that removing Ogg and leaving the matter unspecified 
would tilt the scale toward proprietary Web Babelization all over again.

El Mié 12 Dic 2007, James Bennett escribió:
> On Dec 11, 2007 6:26 PM, Jeff McAdams <jeffm at iglou.com> wrote:
> > I would much rather Apple not implement HTML5 at all, so I can call
> > Apple out on it in the marketplace, than to let an encumbered technology
> > be ensconced in a standard like HTML5.
> You know, I've been looking at the current HTML5 draft over the course
> of the day. I've read it pretty thoroughly. And I can't for the life
> of me find the bit that "ensconces an encumbered technology". Would
> you be so kind as to point me to it?
> I ask because all I see is a strongly-worded paragraph about the need
> for an open, interoperable, unencumbered format. Perhaps my eyes are
> going.


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