[whatwg] Ogg content on the Web

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 06:23:32 PST 2007

FWIW, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons only allow unencumbered formats
on the site. Video MUST be Ogg Theora. Compressed audio better be Ogg.

wikipedia.org is something like #8 in the world at present, so this is
set to be a significant content repository actually used by people. A
video tag which can be relied upon to support the format in at least
Firefox would be enormously helpful to us and our readers.

So far we have had zero patent trolls come calling. I wonder why that is.

[note: There was a recent press release about Ogg support in HTML5
which we didn't get it together to be mentioned in. Any further on
these, please cc me directly at dgerard at gmail.com and I'll make sure
it happens myself.]

- d.

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