[whatwg] The truth about Nokias claims

SA Alfonso Baqueiro abaqueiro at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 13:09:43 PST 2007

2007/12/12, cramhead <cramhead at gmail.com>:
> They are acting with their shareholders in mind. They have everything to
> gain and nothing to loose as they all have their platforms, i.e. Window,
> OS X, Itunes, cellular handset, that they control/use their propiety
> formats. It costs them to switch and they have the possibility of loosing
> their current dominant position. It's not a good business decision for them
> to endorse something they have less control over.

I am not so sure, because using a common format generates compatibility and
interoperability, and this translates in wider technology use because it
simplifies everything, and makes the technology easy to use, it is absurd
you need a specific software for each product, so you are able to pass your
files to your cellphone, also is absurd you need a specific OS (windows) to
be able to use the software), that complicates my life, wastes my time, and
I, as a intelligent consumer will not buy this kind of products, the bad
news is most of the consumers are no so intelligent and fall in the traps
the of the hardware vendors, so they use their propietary tech, without
thinking about the rights they are loosing,

but the counterpoint is that simple technology makes it atractive for
consumers that are not geeks, and this increase the demand, and the sales,
this is the lack of understanding of the "big companies" they are like
dinosaurs, and the continue to survive while there is not a big economic
crash, but the physical economy is collapsing, with the food and energy
prices rising.
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