[whatwg] The truth about Nokias claims

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You can understand implementation to be "writing code", or implementation to 
be "putting to use".  Nowadays it would be technically illegal in the U.S. to 
use LAME (perfectly good copylefted software, and I understand it to be the 
highest quality implementation of a Layer 3 encoder) to encode anything 
without paying a license.  The fact that people do not use it in the States 
can be understood as a consequence of the patent.

And my name is Manu*e*l.

Again, to use a better word, I can neither program an AVC implementation, nor 
distribute it, nor distribute x264, nor use x264 to encode files if I live in 
the States.  Sure there are a few provisions for people who do small-time 
encoding, but if we're discussing inclusion in HTML5, AVC is even more 
dangerous than Ogg Theora.

In fact, even if it were possible to release *all* AVC patents royalty-free to 
the public, there'd still be the risk of submarine patents just as some claim 
to be the case nowadays with Ogg technology.

El Jue 13 Dic 2007, Charles escribió:
> Manual,
> > Just because someone implemented it without permission does not
> > guarantee that users or other implementors of the technology won't
> > be driven to Chapter 11 by the patent owners, just as MP3 implementors
> > were driven to the underground in the nineties and early 2000's.
> Nobody has ever been "driven to Chapter 11" or "driven underground" for
> implementing a standards-based encoder or decoder.
> I don't believe that you don't understand the difference between
> "implementing" and "distributing", so I guess now you're just trolling. 
> Good luck.
> -- Charles


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