[whatwg] Patent on VP3 / Apple

Dave Singer singer at apple.com
Thu Dec 13 18:22:28 PST 2007

At 21:04  -0500 13/12/07, xiphmont at xiph.org wrote:
>I know it's fashionable to slam Apple right now for being "the new
>Evil", but I don't want to play that game.  Even if Apple's real
>motivation is entirely selfish (promote Quicktime over Ogg) can you
>blame them?  That would be, by far, the easiest course of action to
>explain to shareholders.
>I also don't think Apple knows anything specific.  I think they have
>some legitimate fear of the unknown and this isn't just
>obstructionism.  That's my take, and it's pure speculation.  I'd like
>very much to work with Apple and address their concerns.

Thank you.  We have not yet actually promoted or suggested anything, 
as we are as yet unsure of what would meet all the needs, address 
risks, etc.

Also,  I should note that we are not the only company expressing 
caution.  We are not trying to be obstructive  but rather the 
reverse.  We want a solution which is effective and we are willing to 
work to that end, but some things are probably better done at arm's 
length or by a neutral party.

>>  <p>2) Adobe is indemnifying Apple against a patent lawsuit over the Flash
>>  plugin</p>
>Honestly can't comment.  I'd love to know if that was the case too.
>>  Is there anything truthful / false in this comment?
>Apple has made the same patent uncertainty statements in the past
>regarding both Vorbis and FLAC.  I see no evidence (as yet) that
>Apple's objection is anything specific to Tremor.  I think they see
>merely that MPEG, of which they are a part, has laid a huge patent
>minefield designed to discourage competition and it's hard to believe
>anyone has navigated through it.

To be fair, if anything, it's patent owners, not MPEG.  MPEG merely 
takes steps to try to ensure that IPR it is aware of and is needed 
for their specs is RAND licensable.  Anything else is out of scope.

We contribute to the standards, and we implement and license (some 
of) them.  AFAIK we are not members of the pools for either video or 
David Singer

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