[whatwg] The truth about Nokias claims

Shannon shannon at arc.net.au
Fri Dec 14 00:06:47 PST 2007

Stijn Peeters wrote:
> It does not hold any consequences for the final spec.
Of course it does, or Nokia would not have taken issue with it. When 
this comes up in the future somebody will claim 'we've been over that' 
when the issue could have been resolved now. Putting this on hold 
changes nothing except to stifle debate. What's worse is that all the 
arguments made now will have to be repeated.
> I do not understand why someone would be holding HTML5 ransom over this.
Because they have patents and existing investment in other formats. Are 
they denying that? No. Are they obsfucating that? Yes.
> HTML5 is more than <video>. According to the road map the final HTML5
> recommendation is due in late 2010.
This is an argument for AND against changing the text. Therefore not an 
argument at all. I would say that the fact h.264 fees become due in 2010 
would be a case for discussing this now.
>  There is still plenty of time to discuss
> the issue and come to a reasonable solution, and while you might find
> <video> more important than <cite>, <cite> is also something to be
> discussed.
I didn't say it wasn't. What I said was the volume of traffic on the 
<video> element is proportional to its importance and therefore not a 
reason to shut down the debate.


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