[whatwg] html5 + ogg

Philip Parker pparker at computing.dundee.ac.uk
Sat Dec 29 11:01:39 PST 2007

As an upcoming potential web developer, soon to graduate from
university -  what use is there in me investing more effort into
learning a specification which can be altered to suit corporate
purposes and not engineering ones?
Surely the point of a specification is to be as good and complete as it can be?

The removal of ogg as a baseline for audio/video implementation
strikes me as ridiculous. Theres nothing stopping other formats from
being used after all - simply to have a completely open one as a
fallback position is a sensible step forward.
As things stand with how easily large corporations can
obstruct/corrupt the process for their own goals, I might as well just
stick to xhtml1 and avoid rich media elements where possible in any
site I may end up developing until - and indeed if sense prevails.

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