[whatwg] XSLT: HTML 5 --> HTML

Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Mon Feb 5 23:55:56 PST 2007

Le 5 févr. 2007 à 22:40, Elliotte Harold a écrit :
> Has anyone written an XSLT stylesheet that downgrades HTML 5 to  
> classic HTML+ appropriate <div class=''> and <span class=''>  
> elements? With the right CSS, this might make a lot of it  
> deployable today. If not, I may take a whack at it.

unlikely. "div" and "span" elements didn't exist in HTML+.
It might be possible to write an XSLT to convert HTML 5 to HTML 4.01  
and/or XHTML 1.0 but loosing some elements.
That would be cool indeed if you could write it. Tag soup parser to  
normalize to XHTML 1.0 or XHTML 1.1 is indeed a great idea. I don't  
think XSLT is the best tool to do that, but I would be happy to hear  
your thoughts about it.

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