[whatwg] The m element

David Latapie david at empyree.org
Thu Feb 8 05:14:16 PST 2007

On Thu, 8 Feb 2007 07:59:44 -0500, David Walbert wrote:

> I would be less concerned that it's a single letter than that "m" and 
> "em" are pronounced identically (in English, and in the other 
> European languages I can think of offhand) -- which would be 
> confusing if one were trying to explain them aloud, especially given 
> how close they are semantically.

On the top of my head
	m [em]
	em [i.em]

	m [ɛm]
	em [ø.ɛm]

	m [eme]
	em [e.eme]

	m [me]
	em [e.me]

Not much problem there (I still am cautious about using single-letter 
elements, just making a point)
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