[whatwg] The m element

David Latapie david at empyree.org
Thu Feb 8 10:00:45 PST 2007

On Thu, 8 Feb 2007 17:36:47 +0000, Nicholas Shanks wrote:
> File: <hi>
> Browser: <hi>
> File: <i have some html for you>
> Browser: <cool>

Like it :-)

> It seems to impart too much of a visual origin too. Like <b> and<i> did.
> I still think <mark> would be better. It's short enough not to be 
> annoying, and long enough to be self explanatory.

Problem with <mark>/<m> is that its meaning is confusing.

And still don't see any difference with <em> or <strong>. How would you 
pronounce an important word? How would you pronounce a highlighted 
word? Even on the semantic level I can't see the point.

> If you set the background colour you MUST set the foreground colour too!
> mark { background-color: #FF6; color: black; }

Yes, definitely
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