[whatwg] The m element

David Latapie david at empyree.org
Thu Feb 8 11:07:17 PST 2007

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 18:43:20 +0000, Martin Atkins wrote:
> The *meaning* is that the content is highlighted.
> The concept of "highlighting" something is not presentational.
> When I'm giving a speech, I can "highlight" a certain fact that my 
> listeners might not have been aware of. (e.g. by saying "Allow me to 
> highlight the fact that...")
> "highlight" just means "draw attention to", which is exactly what 
> Google's cache highlighting is trying to do, and what a student 
> highlighting passages in a book is trying to do. The highlighting has 
> no effect on the content, it's just a navigation aid.

How does it differ from "important"?
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