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Mon Feb 12 09:11:01 PST 2007

On 12 Feb 2007, at 16:40, David Latapie wrote:

>>> The rationale was that the difference between <abbr> and  
>>> <acronym> is
>>> presentational.
>> <span class="ex-acronym">CERN</span>
>> <abbr class="initialism">FBI</abbr>
>> <abbr class="acronym">NASA</abbr>
>> <abbr class="contraction">Leut.</abbr>
> Why do you use both <span class="ex-acronym"> and <abbr
> class="acronym">?
> The way I see it
> Abbreviation
> 	Hyperonym (superset) for initialisms and acronyms
> Acronym
> 	Abbreviation that you can pronounce as a word (NASA)
> Initialism
> 	Abbreviation that you can spell letter-by-letter (FBI)

I have for several years have been using the following on a few  
important documents (such as my CV):

<abbr class="initialism|truncation|acronym">
<acronym> = a sub-type of abbr

Which is styled by

abbr, acronym { font-style: inherit; border-width: 0; }
@media aural, speech, spoken
	abbr, acronym { speak: normal; }
	abbr.initialism { speak: spell-out; }
	abbr[title].truncation { speak: normal; content: attr(title); }

I considered <abbr class="acronym"> and <acronym> the same, but used  
the latter on most pages because of WinIE.

- Nicholas.

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