[whatwg] time and meter elements

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 14 19:16:34 PST 2007

d.latapie wrote:
>>> <p>He was driving his parent´s <color>blue</color> car.</p>
>>> Do you see any difference in relevance here? I don´t.
>>    That's because your <time> example deliberately uses <time> in a
>> frivolous manner.
> The <time> example is not mine, it is WHATWG's.

   It still sucks! ;)

> The question is: where to stop? Most substantives have a semantic 
> meaning, shall we tag everything?

   There has to be a significant use case. Data that integrates with
standard business applications such as calendar software is a good example.

> I see where you are going. So, a <name> element would make sense 
> (contact management) and maybe also a <priority> element and location, 
> no?

   Yes, although I'm not sure a microformat wouldn't be just as good.
The difference with the <time> element is that it can contain the
minimal amount of information for an event in a calendar:

| <time datetime="[event time]" title="[event name]">fallback</time>

   That plus the ability to localize times and dates, in my opinion,
give the element critical mass.

> <p>Our meeting with <name>Texaco</name> in <location value="9°45´N 
> 95°22´W">Houston</location> on the <time datetime="2006-07-03">3rd of 
> July</time> is of utmost importance.</p>

   An address would be more useful than GPS coordinates. Too bad there's
already an <address> element. The <name> element turns out to be very
similar to <person> from HTML+.

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