[whatwg] <details> members

Anne van Kesteren annevk at opera.com
Tue Feb 20 15:16:19 PST 2007

On Tue, 20 Feb 2007 21:01:14 +0100, Ian Hickson <ian at hixie.ch> wrote:
>> I think it would be more consistent to have .defaultOpen besides .open
>> to reflect the content attribute. .open would then reflect the current
>> state. Consistent with form controls, that is.
> I intentionally broke consistency here to avoid the mess that the
> .defaultFoo stuff has caused over the years. Do you disagree with this
> decision?

Yeah. The .defaultFoo stuff has set the standard. I think it might be  
confusing if we move away from that for new elements.

Anne van Kesteren

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