[whatwg] several messages about HTML5

Keryx Web webmaster at keryx.se
Fri Feb 23 15:13:08 PST 2007

Ian Hickson wrote:
> Probably the best we can do is design the language to make "the right 
> thing" easier, and invest more heavily in education. In this regard HTML 
> is in the same boat as more important subjects; I imagine that as we 
> improve the quality of education in general, understanding of the 
> importance of accessibility and related topics will improve as well.

Improving education is easier said than done. My efforts so far has been 
not too successful: 

If I were to add one thing to that interview it would be what I call 
"educational entropy". The teaching of web design and technologies 
deteriorates over time, just because time passes. It is a tough job 
teaching these things, keeping up to date and imparting that knowledge 
in a pedagogical way. I can share more horror stories than I would like 
to believe existed.

If I as a teacher would want anything from a spec, it would be that it 
said "this is wrong" and "this is right" in such a way that it becomes 
an instrument in grading. Most teachers will *not* invest the effort of 
learning best practices or keeping themselves up to date. Most school 
leaders will not provide them with enough money to attend good 
conferences or seminars. The technology must enforce it upon them.

At least in Sweden front end web development is seen as an easy subject. 
There is not one single course that deals with that subject on an 
advanced educational level. Not one single university offers such a 
course, not even the ones that offer special programs for web developers!

A few years ago Sweden was a leading country in adopting the web. In a 
few years I suppose we will be seen as the retarded cousin from <insert 
name of choice>.

Lars Gunther

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