[whatwg] ISO-8859-1 Control Characters

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Sun Feb 25 21:35:41 PST 2007

   Given that the spec now says that ISO-8859-1 must be treated as 
Windows-1252, should it still be considered an error to use the C1 
control characters (U+0080 to U+009F) if ISO-8859-1 is declared?

Some relevant messages from IRC:

[15:59]	<Lachy>	since the spec says if ISO-8859-1 is declared, 
Windows-1252 must be used. Is it still an error for authors to use the 
C1 control characters in the range 128-159?
[16:23]	<Hixie>	Lachy: not sure what we should do, there's a bunch of 
corner cases there. like, should we allow control chars anyway, should 
we allow ISO-8859-1 to be declared but Win1252 to be used, etc.
[16:23]	<Hixie>	Lachy: can you mail the list with suggestions and a list 
of the cases you can think of that we should cover?
[16:27]	<Hixie>	interesting. the list got its first explicit request for 
us to _not_ remove the significant inline content rule
[16:27]	<Lachy>	I'm having a hard time deciding if it should be allowed 
or not
[16:28]	<Lachy>	Technically, it is an error and I think users should be 
notified, but it's practically harmless these days and very common.
[16:30]	<Lachy>	Yet, doing the same thing in XML doesn't work, since XML 
parsers do treat them as control characters

Lachlan Hunt

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