[whatwg] XTech 2007 and web-app access to device GPS [was:Geolocation in the browser]

Michael(tm) Smith mike at w3.org
Tue Feb 27 03:54:03 PST 2007

"Grassel Guido (Nokia-NRC/Helsinki)" <guido.grassel at nokia.com>, 2007-02-27 12:52 +0200:

> On 2/27/07 12:34 PM, "ext Michael(tm) Smith" <mike at w3.org> wrote:
> > Anyway, I just talked with Edd about it and it's likely that we
> > can schedule a BOF session at XTech either in the evening of
> > Ubiquitous Web Day there -- Tuesday, 15 May -- or in the evening
> > of Thursday, 17 May. If Tuesday will work for the people who plan
> > to attend (and if Edd confirms it'll be OK), I think that might be
> > the better evening for it. If not, I think Thursday will be OK.
> > (And as far as that Wednesday, I think there's a opening reception
> > scheduled for that evening.)
> Any of these times will work for me. A later date has the advantage that it
> leaves more time for advertising during the conference.

True, but it also has the disadvantage of possibly conflicting
with other evening events that others may end up planning.

Anyway, given that it seems like you and Ryan will both be able to
make it on that Tuesday and hopefully Dave Raggett can -- and that
we can also recruit some other interested people at the Ubi Web
Day sessions that Tuesday -- I've gone ahead and asked Edd if we
can do set it up on that Tuesday, and he's given a provisional OK
for it. He suggests scheduling it for 6:00pm to 7:30pm so that we
can head out to dinner after if we want.

Anybody else on the list thinking about maybe attending the session?


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