[whatwg] Comments on <event-source> and addEventSource()

Anne van Kesteren annevk at opera.com
Wed Feb 28 02:05:11 PST 2007

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 04:01:55 +0100, Ian Hickson <ian at hixie.ch> wrote:
>> Editorial: in the "Message events" section the definition "message" is
>> not marked up with <code>. And the "onmessage" event handler points
>> doesn't point to it.
> Is that still there? I couldn't find it.

Search for "message</dfn>". You want to <code> that one up. Then search  
for "message</code></dfn>". There you want to remove the <dfn> but first  
copy the title="" to the <code> attribute so it's linked.

In that paragraph where you found "message</code></dfn>" you also want to  
linkify (as opposed to define) data, domain, uri and source.

Anne van Kesteren

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