[whatwg] HTML5: New link-types regarding guideline 2.4 in WCAG 2.0

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Wed Feb 28 18:04:04 PST 2007

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Lachlan Hunt wrote:
> Henrik Lied wrote:
> > In one of the comments in that post, it was proposed to use the LINK element
> > with a REL attribute which relates to the different sections of the site.
> > ...
> > NAVIGATION                   Relates to the main site-navigation
> > CONTENT                      Relates to the head of content
> > ADDITIONAL                   Relates to an additional section, e.g. a sidebar
> > DISCLAIMER                   Relates to the copyright-notice/legal 

I took the above into account when describing the predefined link types 
for HTML5:


...but I think as a whole they are better handled by elements in the page 
(<nav>, <article>, <aside>, and <footer><small> respectively).

> Hmm, interesting.  They seem like more specific versions of 
> rel="bookmark":
>   "A bookmark is a link to a key entry point within an extended
>    document..."
> Although, that definition is somewhat ambiguious, as HTML4 doesn't seem 
> to define the meaning of "extended document".
> Anyway, while on the topic of link types, what does everyone think of 
> these "web communication link relationships" [1] that I worked on a few 
> months ago? It includes relationships like: permalink, feed, via, 
> related, referral, pingback (borrowed from Pingback 1.0), trackback, 
> etc.  Could some of these be improved and included within web apps?
> [1] http://lachy.id.au/dev/markup/specs/wclr/

permalink = bookmark
feed = feed
via = don't have that one, do we need it?
related = it seems implicit that all links are related
referral = don't understand that one
pingback = pingback
trackback = use pingback

Let me know if there are any you specifically think should be added.

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