[whatwg] <blockquote cite> and <q cite>

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Wed Jan 3 14:01:03 PST 2007

James Graham schrieb:
> FWIW, I know, offhand, the ISBN of exactly zero books (whereas I could 
> probably quote from several). Therefore it would take considerable 
> effort for me to find the ISBN of a book I was quoting (I would have to 
> spend time looking it up on the book or online somewhere), then more 

Amazon will tell you.

> effort to carefully copy the human unfriendly string into whatever tool 
> was demanding this apparently superfluous information. I would imagine 
> that "three seconds" is an underestimate of about an order of magnitude.

30 seconds sounds more reasonable.

> This last bit is the killer; people hate doing mundane things even when 
> they have to (I've never met anyone who enjoys filling in BibTeX 
> citations, for example and that is of comparable difficulty to the 
> process you advocate), and certainly won't do if if they see no benefit 
> for their efforts (even if some minority group will).

Best regards, Julian

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