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Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Fri Jan 5 19:13:54 PST 2007

Le 5 janv. 2007 à 20:12, James Graham a écrit :
> That timing assumes that I have the book that I am quoting from  
> open on the desk in front of me. It is just as likely that I am  
> quoting from notes I made e.g. for the case of a reference book in  
> a library (in which case I could write down the ISBN, if one  
> exists, but would have to do so in addition to writing down human  
> friendly metadata like, say, the book's title and author which I  
> could use to make sense of my notes), that I'm quoting from memory,  
> that I'm repeating a quote from a secondary source (e.g. looking up  
> a quote from /Hamlet/ in a book of Shakespeare criticism because it  
> is easier to find), quoting from a book without an ISBN or doing  
> number of other things which prevent the ISBN from being close at  
> hand.

Interesting because I do read a lot, I do write quotes a lot in my  
paper notebook and one thing I do for every quotes I put is
-> title, author, isbn and page number.

why? because there are many editions of the same book, and if you  
want to find the reference in the physical object you will need the  
isbn (even if sometimes this one is unstable as well. rare case)

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