[whatwg] Hyphenation

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Jan 9 15:47:46 PST 2007

Kornel Lesinski wrote:

> Hyphenation dictionary supplied by the page seems like a good idea, but 
> having it in <head> might cause some headaches in dynamic systems:
> * in some template systems adding anything to <head> is difficult
> * author may want to compose page from several independent fragments, 
> possibly each having its own dictionary. Merging these dictionaries 
> would either require some extra logic or cause duplicate entires (and 
> authors won't like that waste).
> * One would have to keep in sync dictionaries and text (in practice 
> there will be cases when dictionary lacks some words or contains words 
> which aren't present in text any more)
> * syntax proposed is verbose and with entire dictionary repeated on 
> every page that adds up to a substantial traffic

FWIW this all makes just as much sense with "dictionary" replaced by 
"stylesheet" (stylesheets need to be kept in sync as new elements, 
classes and ids are used rather than new words).

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