[whatwg] contenteditable, <em> and <strong>

Tom Pike tom.pike at xiven.com
Fri Jan 12 04:12:22 PST 2007

Alexey Feldgendler wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Jan 2007 09:41:42 +0100, Henri Sivonen <hsivonen at iki.fi> wrote:
>>> Is the effort to get people to use CSS instead of <table> for layout
>>> abad idea?
>> It often is, sadly. When people really, really want a grid layout
>> modeland try to fake it with positioning or floats, the result tends
>> to bemore brittle and (particularly with positioning) less fluidly
>> scalablethan a <table> layout (positioning being worse than floats but
>> seehttp://dbaron.org/log/2005-12#e20051228a ).
> Just a side note: for grid layouts, display: table-* should be used.

It should, but in the current web authoring world where Internet
Explorer users cannot be ignored, that is not an option.

Best regards
Tom Pike

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