[whatwg] (X)HTML best practice cheat sheet

Keryx Web webmaster at keryx.se
Sun Jan 21 13:11:20 PST 2007


I have started to produce a cheat sheet on (X)HTML authoring best 
practice primarily for my students, to print out and keep by their 
computer. The unfinished cheat sheet is *temporarily* available at:

http://keryx.se/wasp/html_elements_alpha.ods (Open Office Calc)

If someone could give me some feedback on this - off list of course - 
from an (X)HTML 5 perspective, it would be greatly appreciated.

Lars Gunther

P.s. the url is temporary and will change in a few weeks.

PPS to the moderator. I accidentally sent this message from the wrong 
sender address. Please ignore my first post.

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