[whatwg] Welcome message

David Latapie david at empyree.org
Sat Jan 27 14:44:49 PST 2007

Good day to you,

This is my first post here. Some may know me from www-style and 

I'm an amateur web coder (meaning I'm not making a living out of it) 
deeply interested in standards and the gathering of informations 
promised by the “Semantic Web” as well as, broadly speaking, social 
consequences of technologies on human societies.

For the rest, I’m French and use a Mac. I’m not a programmer but I’m 
quite proficient when it comes to typography.

I can’t think of anything useful to say. If you have any questions, 
feel free.
</david_latapie>             U+0F00
http://blog.empyree.org/fr (Français)
http://blog.empyree.org/en (English)
http://blog.empyree.org/sl (Slovene)

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