[whatwg] getElementsByClassName

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Fri Jul 6 07:37:34 PDT 2007

Simon Pieters wrote:
> getElementsByClassName is defined to take an array of strings as 
> argument. What exactly is an array? A native ECMAScript array, or 
> anything with a 'length' property and the properties '0' -> length-1? Is 
> a DOMTokenList an "array" that can be passed to gEBCN?

It could be defined to accept either a space separated string or an 
array.  Using the [Overloads] extended attributed defined in the 
Language Bindings for DOM Specifications draft [1], it could be defined 
like this:

NodeList getElementsByClassName(in DOMString classNames);
      NodeList getElementsByClassNameArray(in DOMString[] classNames);

For ECMAScript, that effectively means that getElementsByClassName() can 
be called with either a space separated string of class names or an array.


Lachlan Hunt

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