[whatwg] Web forms 2, input type suggestions

Sander html5 at zoid.nl
Sat Jul 14 12:08:42 PDT 2007

Martin Atkins schreef:
> Benjamin Joffe wrote:
>> Have the following possible values for the TYPE attribute been 
>> considered for the INPUT element?
>> type="color"
>> The user agent would display an appropriate colour picker and would 
>> send a hexidecimal string represting that colour to the server.
> I like this idea. It's simple and it's something I've implemented (and 
> seen implemented) dozens of times.
I like this one too. It should have an pallet attribute that defines the 
color pallet. I'm not shure how though, cause on one hand I'd like to be 
able to choose easily from standard pallets, but on the other hand I'd 
like the option to create custom pallets. Perhaps pallet="custom" 
combined with a datalist could be an option here.

>> type="address"
>> Indicates that the input should represent an address, the user agent 
>> may aid by displaying data from a GPS or use an online map etc.
> I have a little more trouble with this idea, for a number of reasons:
>  * Address formats vary from region to region.
>  * Sites usually want items like the postal code, state, county or 
> town separated from the street address for various reasons. This is 
> not catered for by your proposal.
>  * To do anything special for this field beyond just displaying a big 
> text box some sort of external data source is required, but it is not 
> at all obvious what that data source would be or what a good UI for 
> this field type might be.
I agree, far too many formats. And I'm not sure whether a map/GPS can 
really help as there can be a lot of addresses situated on top of each 


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