[whatwg] Web forms 2, input type suggestions

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Sun Jul 15 08:31:51 PDT 2007

Benjamin Joffe wrote:
> Have the following possible values for the TYPE attribute been considered
> for the INPUT element?

The major problem with all of your proposals is that you have not 
described any problem that they solve, nor provided any use cases for them.

> type="color"
> The user agent would display an appropriate colour picker and would send a
> hexidecimal string represting that colour to the server.

Can you provide some examples of sites that ask the user to select a 
colour in a form, describe how they currently solve the problem and 
explain how/why this type would solve it better?

Here's a few sites I found that ask the user to select colours.


I can't figure out how any of those would benefit from the new input 
type.  Can you?  Are there any other sites that would?

> type="address"
> Indicates that the input should represent an address, the user agent may 
> aid by displaying data from a GPS or use an online map etc.

I've never seen a site that asks for an address, for which type=text is 

> type="location"
> Same as above but instead of sending an address string it would send
> latitude/longitude information, this (as opposed to the above) would send a
> well-formed string.

Some example sites that ask for GPS coordinates and a description of how 
they currently do so would help, and a description of how this would 
solve the problem better.

Flickr, for example, allows users to drag photos onto a map to indicate 
where they were taken, and assigns GPS coordinates to them.  How would 
that new type improve Flickr?  Would you expect them to use this new 
input type for their purposes?

Lachlan Hunt

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