[Whatwg] Request for HTML-only print link

Sander html5 at zoid.nl
Fri Jul 27 20:23:15 PDT 2007


I'm not sure whether this has been requested before, but the link to the 
archives of this list seems to be broken at the moment, so I give it a 

I'd like to see an extension of the hyperlink to give it an HTML-only 
print function. Nowadays making a print link available from within a 
website always involves client-side scripting. This dependency should 
not be necessary for something like printing as it is basic 
functionality in most browsers (not sure about mobile devices though).

I can think of two ways, using existing attributes:
- target="_print"
- using some sort of pseudo-protocol: href="print:#"

In both cases the URL of the href attribute could lead to another 
document, which is probably not what the visitor wants, but this is also 
possible with the current technique. I'm not sure whether this is a good 
thing or not.
In addition, linking to a node inside the document could be used to only 
print that node (#content).

My personal favorite would be the pseudo-protocol as I think this 
function is more inline with that of the email link.


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