[Whatwg] Request for HTML-only print link

Kornel Lesinski kornel at osiolki.net
Sat Jul 28 12:12:52 PDT 2007

On Sat, 28 Jul 2007 19:02:46 +0100, Sander <html5 at zoid.nl> wrote:

>> I don't see how that is good usability. Quite the contrary, because this
>> approach means things work different on each website. That's confusing;
>> incosistency makes things harder to use. A print method that works the  
>> same across web sites is much more usable.
> I don't think it's confusing as the browser's own print button is still  
> there.

If page provides it's own print button, user won't be sure if there was a  
real technical reason for doing this (and browser's print button won't  
work properly) or if just author felt it's nice having more buttons on his  

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regards, Kornel Lesiński

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