[Whatwg] Wish

Bert Altenburg altenburg at mac.com
Tue Jul 31 09:00:53 PDT 2007

I'm the owner of a SME company that has a big web application in use,  
which is under continuing development. It has been designed for us,  
but we hope to set it free in the future. The web app allows my  
company to be paperless and virtual (i.e., my employees don't have to  
come to an office). I have the following wishes for browsers/HTML 5.

  I'd like to see browsers to be able to run in two modes, a first  
one for regular web-sites and a special second one for web- 
applications. In the second mode an extended set of (JS) commands and  
HTML tags is available compared to the first mode. For the second  
mode there are commands that allow certain actions outside the sand  
box (like writing documents to disk), that currently limit web apps  
to behave more like conventional apps. For reasons of security, the  
browser will run in second mode only for URLs selected by the user in  
the preference window.

So, you may have multiple web-pages on your screen, some in first  
mode (web-sites) and others in second mode (permitted web-apps). The  
windows could have a visual clue for the user to know about the mode.  
For the convenience of developers, all JS commands and HTML tags that  
belong to the extended set could have a standard prefix like EX- or  
RU- (extended/restricted use).


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