[whatwg] Entity parsing

MegaZone megazone at megazone.org
Sat Jun 16 13:54:33 PDT 2007

Once upon a time Anne van Kesteren shaped the electrons to say...
> For what it's worth, they have _always_ been optional in HTML. And you're  
> right, some people might do that. In fact, it was done wrong so often for

I know, it was one of the things that used to annoy me in other
author's markup - not so much using them or not in general, but when
someone would quote some attributes and not others.  Pet peeve.

Forcing the parens was something I liked about XHTML - on the other
hand forcing lowercase elements took some getting used to, since I had
been in the 'all caps' school since I first played with HTML in 1991.
Win some, lose some. :-)

>   <meta http-equiv=content-type content=text/html; charset=utf-8>
> that browsers now all support a charset= attribute on <meta> for  
> indicating the document encoding.

This is a bit cleaner, since the name=value structure is still
intact.  I see people doing things like:

<a class=main title>text</a>

When they mean:

<a class="main title">text</a>

And not:

<a class="main" title="">text</a>

Quotes are really only optional on single-value attributes, or it
creates a parsing nightmare, trying to read the authors mind.

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