[whatwg] Entity parsing [trema/diæresis vs umlaut]

Sander html5 at zoid.nl
Mon Jun 25 12:09:03 PDT 2007

Øistein E. Andersen schreef:
> French dictionaries require loan-words like angström, führer and länder (plural
> of land) to be spelt with an umlaut, but these are of course too rare for
> a differentiation tréma/umlaut to have developed, and I would imagine
> German imports with umlaut to be only slightly more common in Dutch.

In Dutch there are words with umlaut from both German and Scandinavian 
Most of them are substantives (e.g. "übermensch", "knäckebröd"). The 
only one I can think of right now that is not a substantive is "überhaupt".

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