[whatwg] Possible bug in the character encoding detection algorithm

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Mar 2 15:02:27 PST 2007

Given the following line of input:
<a b='c'>
012345678  - byte numbers for reference

I believe the steps in the spec have the following effect:

Match <a
Advance position to 2
Get an attribute
Advance position to 3
Attribute Name = b
Advance position to 4
Jump to step labeled "value"
(Presumably at this point we want to advance to position 5; this is not 
b = '
Advance position to 6
Attribute Value = c
Advance position to 7
Stop looking for an attribute
Get an attribute
Attribute Name = '
Advance Position to 8
Stop Looking for an attribute
Retract position to 7
Stop looking for an attribute
Get an attribute...

this seems to lead to an infinite loop (IIRC the same thing happens for 
unquoted values). html5lib currently sidesteps the issue by not moving 
the position back one after finding an attribute. This fails to locate 
the character encoding in e.g.:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type<meta charset="utf-8">
Obviously one possibility is to get all attributes and then, if the 
current byte is ASCII < move the position back one.

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