[whatwg] article: do we really need this?

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Mar 6 05:36:55 PST 2007

fantasai wrote:

> This element would be extremely useful to someone with a screen reader.
> It would create an implied UA hook for "skip to main content", for one.
> With multiple postings within a page, it would create a reliable way of
> "skimming" the main sections (by reading the first bit of content on each
> posting), even when there are no headers or when the postings themselves
> have internal sectioning and headers (especially if those are 
> inconsistent).

But how would it do this when <section> or <section role='article'> 
would not? If the authors can't make the internal sectioning consistent, 
do you expect them to make the internal "articling" consistent?

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