[whatwg] call for participation: W3C HTML Working Group

Dan Connolly connolly at w3.org
Wed Mar 7 20:53:32 PST 2007


W3C chartered a new HTML Working Group today.

In recognition of the WHAT WG requirements gathering, design, testing,
and review efforts, and on the advice of various W3C member organizations,
the W3C HTML Working Group is chartered to "actively pursue convergence
with WHATWG, encouraging open participation within the bounds of the
W3C patent policy and available resources."

So please do consider participating.

Administration of the W3C patent policy does involve a bit of administrative
overhead; I hope you'll agree that it's worthwhile, in the interest of 
the goal of
assuring that Recommendations produced under this policy
can be implemented on a Royalty-Free (RF) basis.

Ian Hixie wrote a good summary of the steps for joining the Working Group.

I see that several people are several steps into that process. I hope I 
can tend
to those presently. I'm traveling this week, so I hope you'll excuse a bit
of a delay.

Ian also notes that "Surprisingly, the W3C never actually contacted the 
WHATWG during
the chartering process." Oops. I hope you'll excuse that too. Getting 
this working
group chartered was a very involved process, and I suppose I dropped a 
few balls
along the way. I hope not too many.

I look forward to working on HTML with you.

p.s. I am copying public-html at w3.org; note that if you reply all, you'll 
be greeted
by the W3C archive approval anti-spam robots, unless you have already
been through that ritual.

Dan Connolly, W3C http://www.w3.org/People/Connolly/

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