[whatwg] Using the HTML5 DOCTYPE as a new quirksmode switch

Simon Pieters zcorpan at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 06:20:01 PST 2007

On Sat, 10 Mar 2007 14:43:44 +0100, Elliotte Harold  
<elharo at metalab.unc.edu> wrote:

> Alexey Feldgendler wrote:
>> The tutorials will just say "Use <!DOCTYPE html>".
> What are those of us who wish to use XML tools on our documents supposed  
> to use? We will need a real DTD at some point, to declare the entities  
> if nothing else. We will not be able to use <!DOCTYPE html>.

"<!DOCTYPE html>" is for text/html, not for XML. For XML you could either  
drop the doctype altogether, or, if you really want to point to a DTD, you  
could just use the system identifier (the public identifier won't do  
anyone any good), or you could use the internal subset.

Why would you need to declare entities, though?

Simon Pieters

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