[whatwg] The input stream issues

Geoffrey Sneddon foolistbar at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 11 05:56:27 PDT 2007

 From implementing parts of the input stream (section 8.2.2 as of  
writing) yesterday, I found several issues (some of which will show  
the asshole[1] within me):

	- Within the step one of the get an attribute sub-algorithm it says  
"start over" – is this start over the sub-algorithm or the whole  
	- Again in step one, why do we need to skip whitespace in both the  
sub-algorithm and at section one of the inner step for <meta> tags?
	- In step 11, when we have anything apart from a double/single quote  
or less/greater than sign, we add it to the value, but don't move the  
position forward, so when we move onto step 12 we add it again.
	- In step 3 of the very inner set of steps for a content attribute  
in a <meta> tag, is charset case-sensitive?
	- Again there, shouldn't we be given unicode codepoints for that (as  
it'll be a unicode string)?

- Geoffrey Sneddon

[1]: http://diveintomark.org/archives/2004/08/16/specs

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