[whatwg] canvas elements <rect> <polygon> etc

ddailey ddailey at zoominternet.net
Mon Mar 12 16:12:24 PDT 2007

Edward O'Connor wrote:

> Please excuse the analogy, but try thinking about it this way: canvas is
> to Photoshop as SVG is to Illustrator.
I think it's a bit more elusive than that. SVG allows bitmaps to be 
imported, and subsequently filtered (blurs, displacements, channel 
separations, layers, compositing, xors -- etc) ala Photoshop

Canvas has all those drawing primitives -- bezier curves, ovals, rects, 
clipPaths, generally associated with vector graphics.

I think the link Matt directed us to:
>Here's a comparison of the two by Christian Simms:

probably nails it closer to the mark.


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