[whatwg] How to improve the appearance of web pages

Mathieu HENRI p01 at opera.com
Tue Mar 13 06:43:56 PDT 2007

Gervase Markham wrote:
> Behnam ZWNJ Esfahbod wrote:

This is SO overkill. This should be handled by the user agent.
Actually some already do. Opera has done that for years, and IE7 is 
close but fall short by not zooming the background images.

>> The second one is to get the web server decide which image file is
>> better.  An Apache httpd module can select the best response for a
>> request for image "the-company-logo" if it knows which size is needed,
>> and what mime-types are acceptable.
>> My idea is to add a field to the http request header for image files,
>> to let the server know which size the image is going to be shown, and
>> then it decides to send the best answer. 
> What's wrong with URL parameters?

or CSS3 MEDIA QUERIES and/or CSS3 background-size ?

> <img src="logo.jpg?width=100px&height=100px" width="100" height="100">
> Your server-side code could see this URL and serve an appropriate image.

Mathieu 'p01' HENRI
JavaScript developer, Opera Software ASA

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