[whatwg] input elements and css styles

Martin Hassman martin.hassman at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 15:33:01 PDT 2007


I have tried simple styling of WF2 elements in Opera 9.10 implementation
Only colour and background-color.
And found some heterogenity.

Try {color:red; background-color:green} on <input type="datetime-local"> and
on <input type="week">, gives you different results - week accepts
background color, datetime-local ignores. So I looked in WF2 spec. for any
mention about forms styling. Didn't found any.

My direction is - webdesigners are used to style forms in any (hi-tech)
color of theirs websites. And would expect the same from WF2 probably. This
(Opera) behaviour should be correct according to the WF2 spec or not? Do not
mentioning I was not able to style calendar window so on page with black
background it was still shining white.

Shouldn't be there some specification or at least recommendation about
possibility of form styling included? Or is this area completely free to
implementors and do not fall in the WF2 specification anyway?

Met - Martin Hassman
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