[whatwg] <video> element proposal

Bjoern Hoehrmann derhoermi at gmx.net
Thu Mar 15 07:09:15 PDT 2007

* Stuart Langridge wrote:
>Of course, this only works with stuff that WMP can already play, which
>will make backending a proposed <video> tag to this impractical (since
>you can't mandate a format that Windows doesn't have, in particular
>Ogg *, and there are doubtless issues with mandating formats that
>Windows *does* have). But it's interesting, nonetheless.

It is my understanding that third party applications like for example
the illiminable Ogg Directshow Filter can be used to enable playback
of additional formats not natively supported by Windows Media Player.
Internet Explorer does not include any kind of artificial restrictions
in this area, if you have a Xvid codec installed, you can use it to
playback Xvid.

Similarily, Microsoft could support any mandated format in future ver-
sions. Of course, expecting Microsoft to adopt formats in direct com-
petition with its own technologies and that of its partners, that are
not compatible with a wide range of existing devices and not widely
used at all, is not particularily reasonable. But yes, IE compatibility
and mandatory video formats not supported by IE are mutually exclusive.
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