[whatwg] require img dimensions to be correct?

Gareth Hay gazhay at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 13:58:16 PDT 2007

If i'm not mistaken, the idea of separation of content and style  
means you can use your own css, or even none at all, and still have  
the ability to view the content.

If a page is dependent on the css, then, although in a separate file,  
it is fundamentally not separate at all, and we might as well just  
shove the css into the same html file anyway.


On 16 Mar 2007, at 20:27, Benjamin West wrote:

> On 3/16/07, Dean Edridge <dean at 55.co.nz> wrote:
>>  Firstly, the chance of someone not being able to access the CSS  
>> for a web
>> page is I'm guessing, pretty slim.
> <img style="height: 50px; width: 50px;" />   Why is accessing CSS a  
> problem?
> -Ben West

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