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Robert Brodrecht whatwg at robertdot.org
Fri Mar 16 18:11:14 PDT 2007

On Mar 16, 2007, at 5:29 PM, Håkon Wium Lie wrote:

> Compared to which formats? I believe Ogg Theora performs better than
> Flash. Given the video quality of some of the superhits on YouTube, I
> doubt this is the most important factor, though.

Ogg Theora is based on the VP3 codec [1] that flash video uses. [2]   
The Theora site says the main differences are "architectural."  After  
reading past their techno speak, it looks like Theora MAY be able to  
create better video with it's encoder than Flash can at a given bit  

If YouTube is what you are basing your comparison on, they probably  
have pretty crappy conversion settings to save bandwidth.  I haven't  
done / seen any comparisons between Theora and FLV in a controlled  
environment.  They may turn out to create fairly similar video  
quality at fairly similar sizes.

Hopefully people don't expect super-high-quality video on the web.   
It's possible, but it isn't practical for most site owners.  However,  
the quality decisions will be left up to the person encoding the  
video, not the player.

[1] http://www.theora.org/theorafaq.html#20
[2] http://www.on2.com/technology/flix_praise/

Robert <http://robertdot.org>

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