[whatwg] <video> element proposal

Spartanicus spartanicus.3 at ntlworld.ie
Sat Mar 17 00:24:45 PDT 2007

Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi at gmx.net> wrote:

>It is hard to find tools that take care of transcoding, they are
>difficult to use (lack of advise on which settings to use, crude command
>line interfaces, ...)

Most such applications start as console applications, that changes as
soon as more mainstream interest and usage results.

>and using Ogg Theora generally meant considerably
>reducing the quality while at the same time considerably increasing file
>size, not to mention that going from various of the formats I had meant
>going from works almost everywhere to works almost nowhere.

Transcoding from one lossy format that is used on the web to another
results in a significant reduction in quality compared to a non lossy
source to lossy end format encoding, so you shouldn't make quality vs
file size judgements based on that type of transcoding.


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