[whatwg] <video> element proposal

Håkon Wium Lie howcome at opera.com
Sat Mar 17 23:14:27 PDT 2007

Also sprach Maik Merten:

 > I can't comment on how Theora compares to VP6, but I'm pretty sure
 > Theora outperforms H.263 which is said to be used at Google Video or
 > YouTube for compatibility reasons.

Thank you for an informative message on video decoders. 

In the context of codecs, the term "performance" is most often used to
describe compression ratios (at given levels of quality). There is
another factor related to performace which is also relevant when
picking the best codec for the web: how much processing power does a
given format need? I believe, in general, that the higher "performace"
a codec has, the more processing power it requires. As a result, it
may be impossible to decode a "high-performance" video format on some

Therefore, on the web, a "high-performance" format may not be suitable
as it excludes devices with limited processing power. On the other
hand, these devices may also have limited connectivity so compression
is called for.

It would be interesting to see a comparison of video quality vs.
processing requirements.

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