[whatwg] <video> element feedback

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis bhawkeslewis at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 20 14:50:06 PDT 2007

Ian Hickson wrote:

> > However, I think if <object> is so widely derided by everyone, than I 
> > think it needs to be depreciated sooner rather than later.
> I have seriously considered doing this. Unfortunately I don't think we can 
> actually do it given the large amount of legacy content, e.g. tutorials 
> for how to embed flash which encourage use of <object>.

In the unlikely event that <object> be in any way discouraged, can we
ensure we allow element level fallback content for <img> (or some
replacement element) as opposed to the alt attributes we're currently
lumbered with and the longdesc attribute that WHATWG has done away with?

> > Browsers should see if a video is unsupported and show the fallback 
> > message, which would contain a link to download the appropriate 
> > software.  For example,
> > 
> > <video src="example.wmv">
> >     This is a Windows Media Video file, but you need to download
> > such-and-such to display it in your browser.
> > </video>
> The fallback isn't done that way in the spec today because that kind of 
> fallback has been a source of bugs in browsers when it comes to other 
> features (e.g. <object>); however, the spec provides the information to 
> the script, though 'error' events, so you can achieve the same effect.

Error events are in any case preferable, so that text alternatives can
be separated from download suggestions.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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