[whatwg] comments section 1

Daniel Glazman daniel.glazman at disruptive-innovations.com
Tue Mar 20 19:49:05 PDT 2007

I started reviewing the whole html 5 spec and will send my comments,
section by section, on the fly, to this list. Hoping you'll find it

1.3.3 "backwards-compatibility is retained"
       This could appear earlier in the spec, for instance in the
       abstract. Think journalists, press and tech news coverage.

1.4.  The single fact that HTML v5 needs to use a 1999 namespace already
       used by earlier versions of the language indicates that namespaces
       are a rather bad solution to the problems they're trying to
       solve... Conclusion : follow that path and imagine something

1.4.  "any Node with node type 3 or 4"
       Please don't put a numerical value here but Node.TEXT_NODE and


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